Rauvisio mineral boards

Rauvisio mineral boards

RAUVISIO mineral is a through colored solid surface that is made from one third acrylic resin and two thirds aluminum trihydroxide with color pigments. The positive properties of the individual components combine to form a versatile material with an appearance similar to stone, a warm, pleasing surface feel and excellent processing characteristics.


RAUVISIO mineral has a wide range of application possibilities in the kitchen, bathroom, office and public buildings, restaurants and hotels, laboratories and medical sector.


Advantages: thermoplastic molding allows a range of applications, the sheets can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces, RAUVISIO mineral can be processed and fabricated easily and with almost invisible joints, and has a smooth, non-porous surface that is easy to maintain, the sheets are UV-resistant, and are also resistant to wear and tear and to household acids and alkaline solutions, they are skin friendly, and scratches on the sheets can be polished out and large areas of damage can be repaired so that they are almost invisible.


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