- In the planning process of equipping your pharmacy we offer our help with creating a model in 3D where you can examine the desired interior design. Our team will assist you in finding the best solution for furnishing your work space and they will aid you with your choice of required materials.


  - One of the most important elements in each lab is its worktop. The value and usability of the lab desk resides on the quality of its worktop. The choice of materials and shape of the desk is of great significance for its intended use. The worktop must be chosen carefully because it has to meet a number of requirements: resistance to mechanical damage, chemical resistance, easy and simple maintenance and functionality. To fulfill all these needs, our team approaches the making of specialized furniture with great care, in order to meet the technological, technical and aesthetic requirements of the client.

The showroom and exhibition stands

  - While designing and equipping exhibition booths we include the development of a 3D model of the stand, so that the client has a good insight into the future look of exhibition space. After that, in consultation with the client we choose materials and start to develop the stand in agreement with the project.