About Us

About Us

The company LEG SYSTEM was established in 2002 with the aim of providing products with modern design and high use value according to the market demand. Through LEG SYSTEM the company Voga from Slovenia has accessed the Serbian market with their products.

LEG SYSTEM in addition to sales and technical support to its clients offers help in selecting legs and supporting elements, as well as the development of the concept of the project, in order to find optimal solutions for spaces that are being equipped:

- Office space
- House
- Showrooms
- Exhibition stands
- Banks
- Stores
- Private practices
- Etc.

LEG SYSTEM is an authorized distributor and certified installer for RAUVISIO mineral sheets and RELLAZO decking of the company REHAU.



- Innovation Center, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Belgrade
- Avala ada Ltd.
- Pharmacies "Baofarm"
- Footwear Metro
- Paradox look Ltd.
- Agency of Medicinal Drugs and Medical Devices of Serbia
- Archives of Belgrade
- 6 October Ltd.
- School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies
- Clinic Euromedik
- Clinic Euromedic Diagnostic
- General Hospital Euromedik
- Nestle Adriatic Foods doo
- Centro - Spice Ltd.
- Faculty of Political Sciences
- Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia
- STRABAG SRL - Romania



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